What a great year 2019

Welcome to a new year.  The Mainely Music Chorus had a great year in 2019.  We became one of the first choruses in the North East to become a mixed group.  With this brought in a great deal of new talent, and depth to the group.  With the addition of female vocals, we are getting a much fuller, and richer sound for our performances.   This has also allowed the group to tackle some new songs with a higher degree of difficulty. 

We worked hard to put on our annual show in the fall with a great quartet “Odds n Ends” from the district as our guest.  Along with three quartets from the chorus “Rusty Pipes”, “Fore In A Chord”, and “High Road”.  We all tried to sing out at least once a month out in the community.  Along with every Monday after Thanksgiving.  Well when the snow was not flying.  Russ Van Arsdale step down as the front-line director and took up the post as assistant director at the end of the year.  Norman Springer step up from the assistant director to the front-line director when Russ stepped down.  

This year is looking great so far, we have some new faces on the board, slate of officers, and the music team.  So far this year we have two new songs in the que.  The first one is being worked on now and we should be ordering the second one soon.  We will again try and sing out once a month some were, and I hope to do a few weekend sing out as well.  We will be working on recruiting some more folks to come and sing with us and keep building our sound. 

Thanks For a great year and hers to many more.