A Very Brief History

One summer night in 1972, three wandering Barbershoppers met in the old Bangor House. This meeting occurred because of a yearning to once again enjoy a special four-part music. There was no doubt in any of their minds that Bangor men should sing this structured harmony in addition to their church choirs and car-radio sing-a-longs

Thus began a performing group originally named “The Penobscot County Chapter of Barbershoppers.” A name change, The Mainely Music Chorus, was made in 1990 to reflect the geographic diversity of its membership. Throughout the succeeding years, the Chapter has not only presented an annual show, but through its quartets and octets, as well as it’s full chorus participated in countless civic club benefits, nursing homes, Valentine presentations, fairs and even funerals. Hockey games, basketball games, baseball games, Christmas sing-outs in both St. Joseph and Eastern Maine, and many other community organizations have benefited from this Chapter’s music. We are a community of singers dedicated to helping others enjoy our special music.

The mission of the Mainely Music Chorus is to preserve, perform, and encourage quality barbershop harmony singing as a benefit to the membership and to the community. We strive to present this art form to our audiences as an example of a unique style of music.


Who We Are

We are a growing chapter that has great fun singing well for any audience. Some men are fearful of their ability to “read” music, and thus are hesitant to join us. Be assured the doctors, investment bankers, retirees, brick masons, carpenters, mechanics, salesmen, postal workers, auditors, teachers, insurance men, farmers...are not trained musicians. We learn by doing, and listening, and creating enjoyment for ourselves and others, as well as presenting and preserving a uniquely American art form dating back to the middle 1800’s.
Only the desire to sing and hold your part is required. We are open to all ages from teens to seniors. Come, join us Monday nights in the Bangor Parks and Recreation Building at 647 Main Street in Bangor, at 7:00-9:30 PM.

For additional information, you may call Russ VanArsdale (989-4945) or Dana Dorsey (945-6225).

Why should we have all the fun!!!

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