Do We Sing 'Em and How

Do We Sing ‘Em and How

If you’re singing “Bill Grogens Goat” or “Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy Chowder,” they will bring out the emotional elements of these two songs for a good laugh to any Baritone, and yes a few tears also. Although these two songs have not been  sung for a while, I’m not sure what brought these two baritones to the level of  uncontrolled  laughter for one, and the other to tears…….or was that from a recent cold?

If you’re not singing with the Mainely Music Chorus then you’re missing out on a lot of fun and camaraderie. Bill and Jim would love to show you how to sing “Baritone.”

See you at Bangor Parks and Rec Building, at 647 Main Street, Bangor, Me. at 7:00 pm every Monday night.

Need more information, than you can call Jim Kelley at 991-9747.