Jim Kelley Barbershopper of the year for 2015

The Mainely Music Chorus got togather on Saturday March 5  2015 at the Oriental Jade's restaurent to install their officers for the comming year. It was also a time to pay respect to our wives and friends, for all their hard work behind the scene to make Barbershop  singing a grreat hobby and service to the community. This was also the occasion where by the the chours membershiop got to choose that member from the chorus to be honored for  Barbershop of The Year award for 2015. 

Picking a member from the Chorus for this award is a time honored tridition. During the process of choosing that individual, is usually a  tough decision to make.This is due to a number of members who perform all types duties,to make the chapter a success.That member who was elevated for the award this year is a  busy man. He attends all monthly board meetings as Chapter VP Membership Development team leader and attends weekly meetings of the music committee as a chair member. He also makes sure that all sectional materials are in place,when the director calls for them for chorus rehearsals. His biggest undertaking for growth in the chapter is to provide the membership with a weekly news and information lettter called "Notes From The Woodshed." He is also the baritone in a quartet called "Rusty Pipes" and provides his domain for quartet rehearsal and oatmeal rasin cookies. I hear the cookies are a hit for Keith, Richie and Tom. The member for this years award is Jim Kelley. Congratulations jim, you make the baritone section most proud.