Rusty Pipes and Hampden Historical Society Christmas Bazaar

On Saturday, November 22, 2014, the chapter’s “Rusty Pipes” quartet (Tom White, lead, Richie Bartlett, bass, Jim Kelley, Bari, and Keith Hamilton, tenor) sang at the Hampden Historical Society’s annual Christmas Bazaar.
Singing for about an hour and a half, the group presented favorite songs from their repertoire along with a goodly number of Christmas songs, including a new Christmas song never heard yet by anyone in the Bangor chapter. Now, that could be dangerous knowing the "Pipes." The quartet’s efforts were very well received; many compliments were voiced along with questions like “Are you coming back again next year to sing for us?” and “When is your chapter’s annual show?” All in the group enjoyed the Singout greatly and were glad to carry the barbershop flag to another portion of our music-hungry public. If you have need of their entertainment services, contact Jim Kelley at 991-9747 or email him at [email protected]