Fantastic Day of Chorus Coaching

The day started off with the arrival of our brother chapter from Waterville, The Kennebec Valley Chordsmen,ready and eager to meet our chorus coaches for the day.  Dan Signor and Chris Henderson arrived from their homes in  New Hampshire to put the Mainely Music Chorus and the Chordsmen through their paces to improve individual singing skills techniques.

The session started off with a short warm up by Russ and Dana and then Dan took over by reinforcing basic singing skills such as proper breath management and vocal production. For the next three and a half hours Dan with the able assistance from Chris helped the two choruses move forward to making better music with more control and less effort vocally.

The day was a superb success due to the wealth of knowledge that Dan and Chris brought with them and also to the two participating choruses to learn something new. Some of the basic singing skills we knew about, but were made aware of their importance in a different understandable way by the excellent teaching skills of Dan and Chris.

We hope to have them back sometime in 2015 to do a revaluation on our progress in making a better sounding chorus.

Singing is rewarding and fun!

Don't believe?  Call Jim Kelley at 991-9747 Membership VP or Peter Corey 990-1480 Chorus Marketing Mgr.