Rusty Pipes at Colonial Acres Nursing Home

On Wednesday March 25, 2015, the Rusty Pipes quartet performed for the residents at the Colonial Acres Nursing Home in Lincoln, Me.The Pipes were there to full fill a commitment they had agreed to do back in February on Valentines Day.But due to a series of illnesses, vacations and lets not forget snow storms thrown in there for good measure it was decided to hold off on the valentine venture until every one was healthy. Well wouldn't you know it, when the Pipes arrived for their performance on Wednesday, the intended recipient was not there.

Eric Stover Barbershopper of The Year 2014

The Mainely Music Chorus  on March 14, 2015, after dodging snow storms during the month of February, finally got to have their Installation of Officers and Recognition Dinner. The Oriental Jade's banquet room served the chorus well with good food, lots of good conversation, laughter and of course Barbershop singing. The chorus sang three numbers that will be on our show May 2nd, and the chapter quartets each sang one of thief favorite songs for the guest. The occasion also gave way to showcase a couple of mystery quartets that gave members a chance to sing for their family and friends. Well done men!

Who's On B Flat Delivering a Singing Valentine

The quartet Who's On B Flat completed another successful two day event of delivering Singing Valentines in the greater Bangor area on February 13th and14th. The recipients received two great old Barbershop love songs, a small box of chocolates and red rose to put a big smile on their face and yes sometimes a bit of tear in the eye. Most folks had no idea why we were there at first but soon realized that someone cared enough for them, to give a most unusual valentine gift. Lots of smiles and happy faces were seen these two beautiful sunny days in February. At least for those two days the snow storms took a different route to the Atlantic. The B Flats would like to thank WABI TV and their staff for all their help in promoting this fun activity in our region of the state.

Rusty Pipes entertaining Cummings Healthcare Senior Home

On Wednesday December 17, 2014 Rusty Pipes slogged through the driving rain and made their way to the Cummings Healthcare Senior Home where they entertained residents and staff with their singing. They did a mix of Christmas songs and a few Barbershop songs from their repertoire. The residents really enjoyed their singing style. After the performance the Pipes made their way to Trapier's Restaurant in Endield and had an enjoyable dinner.

Ross Manor Christmas Caroling

The Mainely Music Chorus completed their final community Christmas caroling event on Monday December 15th by sharing their favorite songs with the folks at Ross Manor. The chorus sang a few traditional Barbershop songs and many Christmas carols in which the residents added their voices to fill the room with music. It' s always a joy to sing for Ross Manor residents for the chorus sees how much it means to them in their faces and gestures. Another Christmas Caroling season comes to another successful conclusion.  Merry Christmas from The Mainely Music Chorus.

Who's On B Flat and Hammond Street Senior Center

On Thursday, December 4, 2014 the Who's On B Flat quartet entained the good folks at the Hammond Street Senior Center in Bangor with an afternoon of music. The B Flats sang a collection of good old Barbershop songs and a variety of Christmas songs to the delight of the gathered members in the living room atmosphere. As you can see in the attached photo of the quartet, even old Johnny, the resident cat of the Center,stopped by and said hello. He only stayed a short time to have his ears rubbed a bit and then made off to his favorite spot in the bulilding......the kitchen. He weighs almost as much as the Flats Baritone.

Brand New Day and Frankfort Congregational Church Fair

Memnbers of  Brand New Day entertained the patrons of the Frankfort Congregational Church Christmas Fair on Saturday. What better way then to spend a chilly Saturday attending your local church fair to start your Christmas shopping and be sung to by a barbershop quartet singing your favorite Christmas songs. The quartet have other engagements this christmas season and be sure to check back often. If you have need of their entertainment services, contact Bill Pupkis at  518-461-5272 or Email him at [email protected] 

Fantastic Day of Chorus Coaching

The day started off with the arrival of our brother chapter from Waterville, The Kennebec Valley Chordsmen,ready and eager to meet our chorus coaches for the day.  Dan Signor and Chris Henderson arrived from their homes in  New Hampshire to put the Mainely Music Chorus and the Chordsmen through their paces to improve individual singing skills techniques.

The session started off with a short warm up by Russ and Dana and then Dan took over by reinforcing basic singing skills such as proper breath management and vocal production. For the next three and a half hours Dan with the able assistance from Chris helped the two choruses move forward to making better music with more control and less effort vocally.

Rusty Pipes Mean Business

With the fun loving quartet, Rusty Pipes you just never know what they have up their sleeve next. What they do mean is that all men that can carry a tune should find their way to the Bangor Parks and Rec Building at 647 main St. Bangor Main. This is the location where at 7:00 PM on October 6, 2014 and for the next six weeks the Mainely Music chorus kicks off their Learn to Sing program.. The Rusty Pipes would love to teach you some of their favorite tags (short endings of songs with the best chords) and show you the fun of singing barbershop harmony.. Rember, the Rusty Pipes Mean Business when it comes to singing barbershop.