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New Members

The Mainely Music Chorus is now stronger than ever with the addition of seven women to the  chorus with strong singing skills. The Barbershop Harmony Society has relaxed their qualifications to  become full members of the Barbershop  Harmony Society. We welcome their talents and singing skills.

Singing Valentines Day - February 14 2018

How about a singing valentine to your special someone. The Mainely Music Chorus is now taking orders. For a fee of $35.00 one of the chapter's quartets will make a visit to your valentine and present them with a red rose and sing them two traditional barbershop love songs. They make house calls and employment visits to show how special your valentine is to you. For more information please call Valentine Chairman Dan Rhodes at 469-2782 or send him an email at [email protected].

Call today and make someone's day a little more special and say I love you with a song.



Looking For Harmony Singing

The Mainely Music Chorus put out the invition for all men of good charcter who like to sing.  With that in mind the guys in the photo above showed up to experience what four part harmony was all about. Guest were involved right off the starting block, learning a new song with the regular chorus members called "I've Been Working On The Railroad." It was amazing how fast the members and guest sang through the song with good accuracy and sound by using the chorus song learning method.

If you enjoy music and like to sing,then why not give us a call and share your voice in making music.

See you at Bangor Parks and Rec Building, at 647 Main Street, Bangor, Me. at 7:00 pm every Monday night.

Need more information, than you can call Jim Kelley at 991-9747.

Avalon Village- A visit with Song

Calling on Your Neighbors with a Song.

The Mainely Music Chorus recently made a visit to entertain the good folks at Avalon Village in Hampden, Me. The MC for the evening concert was none other than our very own Jim Franklin who sings in lead section of the chorus and lives at Avalon. Jim has been a barbershopper for some time now and wanted to share his hobby with his neighbors. A good time was had by all.   

Do We Sing 'Em and How

Do We Sing ‘Em and How

If you’re singing “Bill Grogens Goat” or “Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy Chowder,” they will bring out the emotional elements of these two songs for a good laugh to any Baritone, and yes a few tears also. Although these two songs have not been  sung for a while, I’m not sure what brought these two baritones to the level of  uncontrolled  laughter for one, and the other to tears…….or was that from a recent cold?

If you’re not singing with the Mainely Music Chorus then you’re missing out on a lot of fun and camaraderie. Bill and Jim would love to show you how to sing “Baritone.”

See you at Bangor Parks and Rec Building, at 647 Main Street, Bangor, Me. at 7:00 pm every Monday night.

Jim Kelley Barbershopper of the year for 2015

The Mainely Music Chorus got togather on Saturday March 5  2015 at the Oriental Jade's restaurent to install their officers for the comming year. It was also a time to pay respect to our wives and friends, for all their hard work behind the scene to make Barbershop  singing a grreat hobby and service to the community. This was also the occasion where by the the chours membershiop got to choose that member from the chorus to be honored for  Barbershop of The Year award for 2015. 

Black Bear Men's Concert

Of Sunday April 26, 2015 the Mainely Music Chorus performed at Minsky Hall on the University of Maine campus. The chorus performed several of their songs which they will also be doing on their annual show May 2, 2015 at 2 PM.

Rusty Pipes at Colonial Acres Nursing Home

On Wednesday March 25, 2015, the Rusty Pipes quartet performed for the residents at the Colonial Acres Nursing Home in Lincoln, Me.The Pipes were there to full fill a commitment they had agreed to do back in February on Valentines Day.But due to a series of illnesses, vacations and lets not forget snow storms thrown in there for good measure it was decided to hold off on the valentine venture until every one was healthy. Well wouldn't you know it, when the Pipes arrived for their performance on Wednesday, the intended recipient was not there.

Eric Stover Barbershopper of The Year 2014

The Mainely Music Chorus  on March 14, 2015, after dodging snow storms during the month of February, finally got to have their Installation of Officers and Recognition Dinner. The Oriental Jade's banquet room served the chorus well with good food, lots of good conversation, laughter and of course Barbershop singing. The chorus sang three numbers that will be on our show May 2nd, and the chapter quartets each sang one of thief favorite songs for the guest. The occasion also gave way to showcase a couple of mystery quartets that gave members a chance to sing for their family and friends. Well done men!

Who's On B Flat Delivering a Singing Valentine

The quartet Who's On B Flat completed another successful two day event of delivering Singing Valentines in the greater Bangor area on February 13th and14th. The recipients received two great old Barbershop love songs, a small box of chocolates and red rose to put a big smile on their face and yes sometimes a bit of tear in the eye. Most folks had no idea why we were there at first but soon realized that someone cared enough for them, to give a most unusual valentine gift. Lots of smiles and happy faces were seen these two beautiful sunny days in February. At least for those two days the snow storms took a different route to the Atlantic. The B Flats would like to thank WABI TV and their staff for all their help in promoting this fun activity in our region of the state.